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about us


akin: (adj.) the sentiment of connectivity, with your self and others.

akin was born on a sunny London afternoon when two sisters-in-law decided to create, grounded in their shared belief in empowerment, beauty and traditions. Hailing from Dominican Republic and Romania, they embody the endless inspiration of their travels and the artistic expressions of different cultures. The desire to bridge gaps between cultures and connect women through art and tradition flows through their veins.

Our collection is a small batch, handcrafted line of timeless pieces. Every item is crafted slowly by using the utmost care and attention to detail, using practices that are mindful to the environment.

The unique cultural traditions and expertise are the ethos of our brand. The one of a kind embroidery, carefully woven materials and crochet, result in singular pieces inspired by heritage and unique details.

Our designs are a labour of love – with blend of traditional Romanian folklore and feminine Latin vibrancy.


when women discover and honour

their own traditions

we believe they birth beauty

when they create cultural connection

with sisters worldwide

they can change the world

akin _woman wearing akin clothing while petting a donkey

akin _woman wearing akin dress soaking in the sunlight with a smile on her face

connection takes the hand of

compassion and respect

and joins them in love

now imagine a world where

in such love

we preserve art and tradition

akin _woman wearing akin clothing and doing a split along a tree trunk

akin _woman wearing akin embroidered top with a fierce and beautiful look in her eyes

our hearts can clearly see

a strong outcome

and that is human empowerment

and it is cultivating peace

for future generations

and a path for better.

mature woman wearing akin dress