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our artisans


At akin, we believe that when our traditions are honoured and seen through the lens of the modern woman, we create something beautiful.

As a small, independent brand, we are committed to both the artisans we collaborate with and those who believe in our mission and values.

The artisans we have partnered with hail from across Romania, where they apply impeccable, time-tested craftsmanship – empowering them to promote their heritage and traditional handwork in our unique pieces. Each artisan is able to express their skill and creativity so that cultural identities are preserved. Our relationship with these skill masters is a cornerstone of akin.

akin artisans from romania


artisans :: Dumitru and Maria

Home :: Brasov County, Transylvania, Romania

Makes :: hand sews traditional Romanian costumes in leather and cotton and weave fabrics used for clothing and home decoration.

Life :: they work alongside their children and grandchildren in their atelier. They also rent a house to tourists, providing them traditional accommodation and food.

artisan :: Marioara

Home :: Brasov County, Transylvania, Romania

Makes :: traditional Romanian jackets and vests with artistic embroidery

Life :: she is one of several artisans that run a space where women gather together to sew, share their knowledge and teach younger generations their crafts to keep alive the traditions of the region.

artisan :: Andrei

Home :: Arad County, Banat, Romania

Makes :: cotton and wool fabrics on traditional handlooms for clothing, pillowcases and rugs.

Life :: he loves working the loom, from patterns we design together to the traditional ones which were once weaved by his great-grandmother.

artisan :: Ana

Home :: Maramures, Romania

Makes :: hand sewn leather and fur vests

Life :: she is 81 years old and has been making her vests since she was 12 – a craft she learned to support her family of 6 sisters. Every vest takes a month to be made. 

artisan :: Grety

Home :: commune near Bucharest, Romania

Makes :: knitted items

Life :: she is 69 years old and has been knitting almost all her life. She now teaches younger generations her craft.

artisan :: Misi

Home :: Cluj, Transylvania, Romania

Makes :: traditional handmade Romanian sewing and folk customs and modern applications with traditional techniques.

Life :: she creates every one of her items by hand, from start to finish, which requires many hours of manual labour.